I’m an explainer: my clients need to convey some set of ideas and information, usually complex or subtle in some way, to an audience that may be awkwardly diverse or even unknown.

Sometimes, getting the ideas across may be strictly a matter of choosing the right words. In that vein, I’ve written promotional material, advertising copy, software manuals, voice-over scripts, and magazine articles. I’ve also edited documents created by subject-matter experts: corporate practice documents, scientific web sites, proposals and reports of all kinds.

Other times, the ideas are hard to put entirely into words. They may call for an annotated map, a schematic or diagram, a chart, a table or something combining all of these. The ideas may be mainly quantitative or financial, introducing another whole array of challenges. I’ve created a wide variety of layouts, neatly integrating the visual, numerical and verbal elements to take advantage of their respective strengths.

Though I turn out a fair bit of routine document design and straightforward prose, my great love is the challenge of presenting difficult ideas in an elegantly understandable form, neither obscuring the subtleties nor burdening the reader.

Rather than post a price schedule here, which might be misleading, I invite any reader interested in my services to review the samples on this site, and contact me to discuss the particular requirements of the project.