River Awareness Kits

Orange-Senqu Map

Hatfield Group are a well-regarded firm of environmental engineers and scientists. One of their specialties is the creation of what they call river awareness kits. Rivers often flow through several countries between source and outflow, or form boundaries between countries. A given watershed may support dozens of competing economic, cultural and ecological functions, managed by multiple levels of governance from national to local, and across political and language barriers. Wise management of water resources is therefore a complex task, made easier if there is a single agreed source of scientifically sound information on the watershed.

I began by merely copy-editing material prepared by Hatfield’s scientists, but ended up doing a certain amount of substantive editing and re-organization of material within the overall framework of the sites. There was a lot to learn and understand, and a high standard for the final product. The biggest challenge was writing for a diverse audience, from resource-management specialists to villagers. I’m proud of the outcome.

Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (Alberta, Canada)

Orange-Senqu River Awareness Kit (Southern Africa)