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The Revolutions

I’ve just finished Felix Gilman’s The Revolutions, with both delight and sadness. Delight in a grand story, beautifully told; sadness, because it ends with some of the elegiac tenderness of Crowley’s Little, Big. It’s not so much science fiction, as a ‘scientific … Continue reading

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Diagramming Journalism

This bubble diagram is fun: Its designer categorizes it as ‘whimsy’, so it’s not fair to demand a lot from the diagram. I love this sort of thing, though, so I can’t help wishing it were a bit more rigorous. … Continue reading

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How to lie about a science paper

Gregg Braden thinks he knows how the heart knows—and boy, is he mistaken. How to lie about a science paper Sadly, the nonsensical misinterpretation of scientific results, critiqued so cogently in the linked article, is rife elsewhere as well. In … Continue reading

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What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? | Aeon Essays

There’s some pretty sound thinking, here. The very American perspective, though, obscures the obvious equivocation on ‘work’. Not all meaningful work has to be work in the labour market for pay, and work undertaken without pay (notably child care and … Continue reading

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UK: lost, divided and alone

Here’s Paul Mason with a much more balanced and thoughtful treatment of the UK’s departure from the EU than most I’ve read. The Brexit vote was a insurrectionary protest against neoliberalism, globalism, and cultural contempt. It will break up the … Continue reading

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On The Moral Economy of Tech

This is concise, well-reasoned, and passionate—one of the best and simplest critiques of Silicon Valley hubris I’ve read: Remarks at the SASE Panel on the Moral Economy of Tech The only thing I would add, is that poor people stand … Continue reading

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End of nations: Is there an alternative to countries? | New Scientist

This is a good read on both the history and the current role of nation-states in the ways of the world. I’d have appreciated a paragraph or two on the economic benefits of subnational currencies, even local ones. The concentration … Continue reading

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Four Rules for Confident Conversations

Forgive me if I rant a wee bit, here: If you know a lot about the subject (more than those around you) then speak up confidently and share what you know. If you know a little about the subject (less … Continue reading

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City States, Redux

I’ve posted about our strange city-ignoring system of governance before, and still suspect that in Canada particularly, we should re-organize the country into a system of cities and their associated hinterlands, at least from Sudbury west. Here’s an American take … Continue reading

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Headlong Steampunk Exuberance

I’ve just finished Chris Wooding’s The Black Lung Captain, and it’s a delight from start to finish. The world building is strictly kitchen-sink fantasy, with airships, demonology, wormhole travel, and a mad jumble of incompatible real-world technologies—shotguns and auto cannon cheek-by-jowl … Continue reading

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