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We’re not all Levantines yet—but perhaps we should be

This evocative article on the cultural and economic history of the Levant caught my interest, but left me a little dissatisfied. Firstly, it reads like the first half of a better, longer article. After supplying a lot of background for … Continue reading

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Beautiful imagery from old books—there goes my productivity for today

This is gorgeous—beautiful artworks from old books. This sort of thing is a menace to my ability to focus—almost as bad as DeviantART. I had no idea the Egyptian ruins still had such well-preserved polychrome decoration as late as the … Continue reading

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Journalism as a More Scientific Enterprise

Some insightful thoughts here from Matt Thompson at Poynter. The idea of emphasizing a writer’s stream of articles, rather than making each article a mini-epiphany, strikes me as sound, but not yet exactly right. It’s focused on the journalist and his or … Continue reading

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I like this chair better than the assumptions behind it

Freyja Sewell’s chair is a lovely piece of design—I wouldn’t mind owning one, in fact, and it would be useful in my somewhat noisy West End neighbourhood in Vancouver. But follow that link, and notice the accompanying text. It goes … Continue reading

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